How to make your website SEO-friendly?

How to make SEO friendly website?

SEO is the most popular digital marketing channel among company owners and marketers, accounting for 53% of all website traffic, and that is directly proportional to sales! Notably, SEO generates extremely relevant purchase-ready visitors, with conversion rates of up to 14.6%. It should come as no surprise, then, that optimizing your website for search engines should be a top priority for their growth.

Why is an SEO-friendly website important?

To achieve a better SERP ranking, you must begin your web design process with your target audience and SEO in mind. If you continue to improve your SEO strategies, your chances of having a web page appear on the first page of SERPs increase. With an SEO-friendly website in place, you will have an advantage over competitors who do not design their websites with prospective customers and search engines in mind. 

Let’s go over the reasons why your website should be SEO-friendly in detail:

1. Aids in the generation of organic traffic

2. Aids in the acquisition of valuable traffic

3. Is cost-effective

4. Improves Your Reputation

5. Improves Customer Experience

6. Is Conversion Optimized

7. Good Long-Term Investment

8. SEO Is Getting Even More Important for Mobile

9. Increases Brand Credibility

10. Helpful in Increasing Engagement

How to make SEO friendly website

When confronted with a redesign or the creation of a new website, SEO should always play a significant role in your strategic approach because it is one of the most important marketing channels for acquiring customers. While SEO is not a one-time job, it is extremely profitable due to its ability to quietly drive traffic and sales with minimal effort.

 There are a few tips for SEO-friendly websites;

Unique Title and Descriptions for all Pages

All web pages on an SEO-friendly website should have their own distinct meta titles and descriptions. The titles are typically 50-60 characters long, and the descriptions can be up to 155 characters long. These titles are important for search engine indexing because they inform visitors exactly what the webpage is about.

Quick  Loading Webpages

Nobody desires to visit a website that takes too long to load. To create an SEO-friendly website, perform a comprehensive SEO audit on your website to determine what can be done to improve the loading speed of your pages. Image optimization can assist you in increasing page loading speed and giving your website an edge over slower websites for ranking algorithms.

Unique Content 

You must ensure that all content on all of your pages is original and not plagiarised. Search engines flag websites that have plagiarised content, which may significantly impact your website’s SEO friendliness.

Optimized Images

Large-sized website images can increase page loading speed, which is not helpful for your website. You must optimize your images and include alt text so that search engine crawlers can comprehend what the image is about.

Make a Good Content Structure 

You must ensure that your website has a correct content structure so that it can be easily indexed. Your website’s overall layout should include the following elements:

  • Content with Subheadings (H1, H2, H3… tags for well-structured content dissemination) Header H1 Tag or Page Title
  • Sharing Options, Author Bio/Information
  • Footer

Website Responsive

The sections of your website should be responsive on any device that visits them. To maintain your website’s SEO health, you must address any discrepancies if your website or sites are unresponsive on any device.

Internal Linking

Internal linking provides search engine spiders with a well-rounded map of your website. It aids crawlers in associating pertinent websites and building a strong internal architecture to improve the SEO friendliness of your website.

But do we run our business or focus on its SEO?

Of course, focus on your business. Most Entrepreneurs try to micromanage everything about their business on their own. This is to save their hard-earned money. In that process, they would learn everything and manage all the aspects of the business by themselves. In this process, their growth rate falls like anything, and they are unable to understand the reason. 

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